Amber production

Amber Production is an all encompassing entertainment and production service company. We provide professionals specialized in all stages of product development. The sparkle of an original idea is transformed into the glossy sheen of the finished package, and helped into the right hands.
Just as the ancient Amber Road, leading from Scandinavia through the Baltics and Russia as far as the Pharaohs of Egypt, was mined for its stunning rock to be enjoyed in homes and temples far and wide, we are digging up and gathering golden gems of talent in creativity, performance and technical expertise from this same region before polishing the entertainment product to be presented to households internationally.
We have been building bridges between nations to form an arc across entertainment spanning the North and East of Europe, where our greatest challenge is to ensure the highest level of attention is paid to each and every evolving opportunity in the rich and expanding popular culture markets. Through the Amber lens we see the complexities of entertainment in a simpler and more manageable light, with greater clarity of vision when all elements of production quality are monitored and controlled by our own select team.


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