Film Production

Amber production offers an excellent avenue to cost-effective international video and film production. Our subcontractor network is able to manage productions in Finland and globally within a modest cost structure. In the past year our network has completed several productions, available for preview on our showreel, including work for Nokia mobile phones and Nokia Siemens Networks. As well as in Finland our partners have produced commercial films in London, Rio de Janeiro, Hongkong, Zagreb, Munich, Dusseldorf and Lisbon.
Sound and reliable global connections coupled with Finnish expertise in cost-efficiency and digital media form a powerful combination making us extremely competitive in comparison with others in the European market. Under our umbrella are the finest and most competitive companies in Finland. The Finnish production environment is noticeably more cost-efficient than, for example, the Swedish or English arenas are and Finland’s geographical proximity is also a beneficial factor.

We offer the following:
TV commercials
Commercial Film and video-production
Internet video campaigns
Telecine and color-grading services
3D-Animation production
Production services worldwide
Agency producer services
Production consulting

We tailor offers according to the specific needs and budget concerns of clients on an individual basis finding the most suitable subcontractor for every occasion.

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