Music Production

Amber’s music-production service features studios which have produced international hit songs and includes a song-writing service, working with professionals who have written hit songs internationally themselves.

Amber Production’s music operation really got into full swing in 2006 when we began construction of our state-of-the-art digital sound recording studio Amber Music in the center of Helsinki. We are very pleased to have had the knowledge and skills of famous Finnish studio designer Erkki Kivi, who modelled the acoustic interior. Today, it’s all systems go!

Amber Production provides a fully comprehensive music-production service. We can take you from the pre-recording stage right through to having the published product primed for media presentation. Amber Records has laid sound foundations, having done the important groundwork in past years. We are ready now to build for the future, staying up-to-date with trends in tastes and technologies; to strike the right tone today to resonate well into tomorrow.

Aqua (mp3)

Army Pohjantähti (mp3)

Dansukker - Break Away(mp3)

Finlandia vodka (mp3)

Finnair (mp3)

Jingle Dansukker (mp3)

Jingle Dexit (mp3)

Jingle McDonalds(mp3)

Jingle Oltermanni (mp3)

Jingle Sonera(mp3)

News 4Sport(mp3)

News Yle Main (mp3)

Nokia 8210 (mp3)

Nokia Pinocchio(mp3)

Polar (mp3)

Silja Line Jongleur(mp3)

Valio Yoghurt (mp3)

Avertere Caiman (mp3)

Avertere Loca (mp3)

Avertere Roihuvuori (mp3)

Hereä Ambo (mp3)

Hereä Breeze From The Sea (mp3)

Hereä Silent Croft Waltz (mp3)

Petteri Sariola Mothersong (mp3)

Petteri Sariola Prime (mp3)

Petteri Sariola Stomp (mp3)

Rajaton Butterfly (mp3)

Rajaton Dobbins Flowery Vale (mp3)

Rajaton Snow (mp3)

Artist that we have been lately co-operating with:


Ruslana - DJ Zebra Fusion House Mix(mp3)

Elnur & Samir

Elnur&Samir - Day After Day(mp3)

Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista - Rio Rio Mix(mp3)


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